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Faces in Time a time travel novel book thriller by Lewis Aleman bestselling writer of Cold Streak
Faces in Time: A Time Travel Thriller
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Faces in Time PDF Preview Time-Travel Book by action writer Lewis Aleman, go Back to the Future

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This preview edition contains the first chapter of the novel.

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A 20-Year Race Through Time...

In the near future, one man holds the key to our past. Chester Fuze lived a solitary life until he flung himself twenty years back in time. For years, he had loved movie star Rhonda Romero through television screens, movie theaters, and magazine covers. It wasn't until she had fallen so far as to sell her face for a cosmetic transplant that he knew he had to travel back and save her before her life headed down such a tragic and destructive path.
Lunging backward through two decades in a flash, Chester races across country and enters the world of seedy gambling and the bizarre jungle of behind-the-scenes Hollywood, while being hunted down by a deranged bookie, an escaped convict, and even his past self, all of whom are determined to kill him. He had put aside the secret to time travel, daring not risk the world to test his theory. It had placed him in a straight jacket for several years of his life. It had estranged his own mother from him. He had let it go for his own sanity. Now, he'll pick it back up to save Rhonda. God help us all.

An audiobook of Faces In Time will be in production soon.

Research topics included time travel duplicates, how causality might effect the time traveler, science fiction conventions regarding time travel in literature, wormholes, basic quantum physics, space time foam, and time machines in fiction and in theory. A short list of the research materials is given below.

Somewhere in Time (1980), Back to the Future I, II, and III (1985, 1989, 1990), Time After Time (1979), Star Trek (2009), Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure (1989), Futurama - the Series and Bender's Big Score (2007), Retroactive (1997), The Time Machine (2002), The Time Machine (1960), Primer (2004), Slipstream (2005), Thrill Seekers (aka The Time Shifters 1999), and Deja Vu (2006). These movies range from entertaining and creative to silly and boring while covering the genres of science fiction, comedy, thriller, action, drama, and adventure.
A Brief History of Time (Stephen Hawking), Time Travel in Einstein's Universe (J. Richard Gott), and The Time Machine (H.G. Wells). The first two books are non-fiction discussing the physics involved in allowing one to travel through time, and the latter is considered to be the grandfather of all modern time-travel stories by a writer whose imagination was at least a century ahead of his time.
Educational Videos
Daytime (Michio Kaku BBC), Lifetime (Michio Kaku BBC), Earth Time (Michio Kaku BBC), Cosmic Time (Michio Kaku BBC), and Einstein's Relativity and the Quantum Revolution: Modern Physics for Non-Scientists (Richard Wolfson, The Teaching Company). All of these videos are excellent.

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